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Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
267 Dundas Street, Suite 202
London, Ontario
N6A 1H2
+1 519 488 2003
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame directions
London is world renowned for it medical facilities, it is very important to recognize and commemorate all those who have contributed significantly to the world of medicine, this is the heritage that we need to pass on to our coming generations and the Canadian Medical Hall of fame is the preserver of this National heritage.

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame was conceived with the basic idea of remembering and recognizing eminent people in field of medicine, with this aim in mind the Canadian Medical Hall of fame was established 1994. Here you have details about important personalities, their life history, their discoveries and how they changed and developed medicine.

It's fascinating to be introduced to the field of medicine and it's so nicely explained that even a layman will enjoy, many times you must have come across a particular medicine, therapy or injections, but here when you know the details about them it helps you to understand how it was developed, the Canadian Hall of Fame is an educative place, if you are with young children then you must visit this place.

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Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

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