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Music Theatre Productsions
P.O. Box 451
Ontario, Canada
N6A 4W1

Music Theatre Productsions directions
MTP endeavours to stage two major musical theatre productions per year: a large Broadway musical each March, and a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta each November.
MTP has no physical theatre space of its own. All of our productions are held at the Palace Theatre, owned by London Community Players, at 710 Dundas Street, London.
MTP's policy provides for a selection of shows being chosen by the Board for future production, based on recommendations received from its members, community interest and the availability of production rights.
The Board actively seeks a team of individuals (producer, director, musical director, choreographer), who is prepared to produce a show. The Producer, once appointed by the Board and with the assistance of the team, then appoints the remainder of the production crew - e.g. stage manager, set designer, lighting designer, properties chair, wardrobe co-ordinator, etc.
Musical productions are selected within a three-year operational plan that remains flexible until the artistic team is finally appointed.

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Music Theatre Productsions

Music Theatre Productsions

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