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Grosvenor Lodge
1017 Western Road
Ontario, Canada
N6G 1G5
+1-(519) 645-2845
Grosvenor Lodge directions
Grosvenor Lodge was built in 1853 by Samuel Peters. The Lodge was the Peter's family home for three generations, until grand daughter Leila's death in 1974. In 1992 a coalition of heritage and environmental groups, under the sponsorship of Heritage London Foundation, proposed to operate Grosvenor Lodge as public resource center. It acts as a home and support base for member organizations as well as providing: Information on issues and events, Support for small community initiatives involving heritage and the environment. Three rooms with historical features are available for special event rentals.

Grosvenor Lodge is a city owned historic estate. It is a home and centre for nonprofit heritage and environmental groups.
Grosvenor Lodge provides: information on issues and events, a network of individuals and groups, organization of special events for members and public, support for small community initiatives involving heritage or the environment.

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Grosvenor Lodge

Grosvenor Lodge

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