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Museum of Archaeology
1600 Attawandaron Road
London, Ontario
N6G 3M6
+1 519 473 1360

Museum of Archaeology directions
The museum of archaeology is located in Lawson Village and holds a priority place in guided tours of London because this museum is different, the museum highlights the social, cultural and economic lives of the people in south western Ontario, it traces life and living patterns of this indigenous population dating back to thousand of years.

The Museum has a huge collection of artifacts dating back to 11,000 years and are some of the best archaeological collections in Ontario, the staff here are very pleasant and if you want to make the most of you visit then i would reccommend the guided tour of the Museum.

Another feature of this Museum of Archaeology is a current excavation site close to it at the Iroquoian village, every effort is being made to make this village very genuine and as close to the 50 year old village as possible, please not the village is only open during the summer months.

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Museum of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology

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