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Fanshawe Pioneer Village
2609 Fanshawe Park Rd. E.
London, Ontario
N5X 4A1
+1 519 457 1296
Fanshawe Pioneer Village directions
A visit to Fanshawe Pioneer Village will remind you of those by gone days, simple and uncomplicated, this village is an attempt to revive and retain those lost sentiments from the 19th Century village as a part of farming or trading community. The Pioneer village is a different world all together, even the guides who escort you through the village are dressed in costumes to make the expirence more realistic.

The village has a farm, village school, a wood working shop where they have built models of historical monuments and buildings. The Fanshawe Pioneer Village is also popular for organizing creative and interactive events, these events are both informative and entertaining.

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Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

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