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Travelling Around London Ontario

However you choose to travel around London, Ontario you should find it very straight forward getting from A to Z, public transport is very reliable to with regular Bus and Train services that can get you to your destination on time.

Travelling Around London Ontario
Getting Around London Ontario By Car.

When visiting London Ontario you want to be able to to travel around at your own leisure, this freedom is available only if you plan to see London in your own car, hire car or taxi. Getting around London by car or taxi is very comfortable and the trip can be custom made to suit your needs.

You need not stick to regular tour guides as London is a well layed out, systematic city, so you don't have to worry about getting lost as there are many taxi services easily made available by hotel staff, if you want a more grand style trip then ask for limousine services, they are reliable and completely at your disposal, so you can roam around comfortably and conveniently.

Aboutown Taxi
Tel: +1 519 432 2222

U Need A Cab
Tel: +1 519 438 2121

Checker Limousine
Tel: +1 519 659 0400

Getting Around London by Bus

If you haven't toured London on a double decked bus, then your missing out, this special tour bus is very popular among tourists and takes you through all the important sight seeing places in London.

Regular bus services are very frequent and well connected to all the city, for easier trips you can take the London Transit Commission, this is economical and easily available, once you get your ticket your free to travel around the city, the LTC bus service is a life line for regular commuters and for tourists it's uncomplicated and trouble free.

Getting Around London By Bicycle.

Cycling is a pollution free relaxing way to enjoy London's beautiful scenery and thriving culture, you will have fun exploring London on bicycle, but remember to enjoy with care, so make sure that you wear a helmet while cycling.

When your cycling around London it's a good idea to carry water, route map and a pack of snacks for yourself, there are plenty of cycle routes to choose from like the route along the Thames Valley Parkway, such routes are safe, so even children can enjoy cycling in London Ontario.

Getting Around London on foot.

One of the best way to see a City or Town is on foot, this way you don't miss out on the minute details of the place and you can leisurely enjoy every bit of it, London's roads are very systematic and there is absolutely no chance of you losing you way, even if you are travelling alone.

There are guided walking trips of course that you can take around London, if you want to explore London on your own then just take a London city Map with you, this is a great way to see around the place.

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Getting Around London Ontario

Getting Around London Ontario

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