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Activities in London Ontario

There are many ways you can relax in London, Ontario, whether it's enjoying a game of golf at the Thames Valley Golf Course or East Park Golf Gardens or if your looking for some pampering then why not visit the Artistic Esthetic Spa and recharge those batteries.

Activities in London Ontario
Golf in London Ontario.

London has developed in to a tourist city that offers great recreational and leisure activities, if your looking for somewhere to relax and regenerate, then London is the right place to be. Golf is one game that can be played at leisure and it refreshes your mind and body, london has more than 50 golf courses and all of them are A class courses, undoubtedly London is praised as the "Golf Capital of Canada".

Thames Valley Golf Course
The Thames valley golf course has a rich history, it was established way back in 1924 and was one of the first golf courses in London, the Thames Valley golf course is known for its challenging courses, you will need to be an expert golfer to take this challenge, but if you are not keen on tough golfing and just want to relax then grab a coffee, enjoy the scenery and have a look at the collection of golf bags, balls, trophies, pictures and many more items tracing the history of this Golf course.

Tel: +1 519 661 4450

East Park Golf Gardens
East Park Golf Gardens is a 18 hole golf course, fully equipped and one of the most modern golf courses in London Ontario, it has been adjudged as the finest executive golf course by a survey by the London Press, it's a complete Park that also caters for other sports like go-Karting, rock climbing, Bumper cars etc, visiting the East Park Golf Gardens is an ideal family day out that will have something for every one.

Tel: +1 519 451 2950

Health Spa's.

One of the best ways to enjoy a leisurely day in London is to visit a health Spa and London has some of the finest health Spa's and is an ideal way to pamper yourself while leaving you feeling re-energized and totally relaxed.

Artistic Esthetic Spa
Artistic Esthetic Spa is one of the reputed day Spas' in London, they promise high quality packages and the ambience is so soothing that you start to relax the moment you enter, once inside you can even choose a treatments that is custom made to suit your individual body type. Artistic Esthetic Spa is one of London's oldest day Spa's and was opened in 1988, this Spa has plenty of staff that has the expertise to help you to indulge yourself in the luxuries of a Spa and spend a leisurely day in London, there are various herbal and aroma therapies that will refresh your body, mind and soul, this is a unforgettable experience that you shouldn't miss!

Tel: +1 519 433 6245

Fleetway Bowling Centre.

There is lots to do in Fleetway Bowling Centre, it's a modern bowling centre that is fully equipped for a comfortable bowling experience, Fleetway Bowling Centre is a huge area with 54 lanes, apart from bowling you can also play billiards, Golf and indoor rock climbing. The Fleetway Bowling Centre also runs courses at regular intervals where you can brush up your knowledge of these games.

The Fleetway Bowling Centre has been successfully organizing summer camps for kids and the camp has earned positive reviews, this centre is a place for entertainment where you can relax and spend your day enjoy a variety of games or generally socializing with other members, they also have team building programs, where you can meet and make new friends.

Tel: +1 519 472 9310

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Activities in London Ontario

Activities in London Ontario

Activities in London Ontario

Activities in London Ontario

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