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Museums in London Ontario

You will find one of the best military museums in Canada at the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum here in London, Ontario, other popular museums include The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, The Regional Children's Museum, The secrets of Radar Museum, Banting House and the Fanshawe Pioneer Village.

Museums in London Ontario
Banting House.

Banting House National Historic Site tops the pride list of London, Ontario, it was been named after Sir Frederick Grant Banting, a renowned and respected Canadian and it is a well known fact that London is known for it's medical fame and the proof of this claim has been duly preserved in this museum.

The discovery of insulin was a moment of great pride for medical science and this has been captured in Banting Museum, insulin helped to make the life of Diabetic patients more normal, apart from this great achievement you have all other medical achievements also cited here.

This museum has all the details associated with Dr. Banting duly preserved like the medical achievements, equipments used, furniture and the recognitions he received during his lifetime, Dr Banting was a great helping hand during World War I, this aspect has been shown by recreating that important part of his life.

Tel: +1 519 673 1752

Museum of Archaeology.

The museum of archaeology is located in Lawson Village and holds a priority place in guided tours in London, the museum highlights the social, cultural and economic lives of the people in south western Ontario, it traces life and living patterns of this indigenous population dating back to thousand of years.

The Museum has a huge collection of artifacts dating back to 11,000 years and are some of the best archaeological collections in Ontario, the staff here are very pleasant and if you want to make the most of your visit then i would recommend the guided tour of the Museum.

Another feature of this Museum of Archaeology is the current excavation site close to it at the Iroquoian village, every effort is being made to make this village very genuine and as close to the 50 year old village as possible, please note the village is only open during the summer months.

Tel: +1 519 473 1360

Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum traces the history of Canada's senior Regular Force Infantry Regiment and the oldest regiment, the Royal Canadian Regiment. This regiment was formed in the year 1883, since then it has been a very active regiment and has won many rewards and recognition over the years.

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum is one of the best military museums, with it's impressive war collections of both world Wars and especially the First World War, the Centennial Gallery holds collection's from the First World War, while the Regiment memorials traces the history of the Royal Canadian regiment, the Early years collection, the North West Rebellion , Korean War, World Wars, UNO and NATO Operations and much more.

Tel: +1 519 660 5102

The secrets of Radar Museum.

The secret of radar Museum is a unique Museum which is a very intriguing place to visit, it has a completely different story to tell and very aptly it has been named as the "secrets of radar museum" this Museum was founded in the year 2003 to unravel an untold story to the world.

It is interesting to know that during World War II around 6000 people were chosen from various fields, mostly veterans that were taken under an oath of secrecy for a top secret project and were sent around the world, this Museum is a tribute to these unknown soldiers.

The museum has collections of radars, genuine ones, destroyed ones, apart from radars that form the main attraction of the Museum, there is also a huge collection of photographs, artifacts etc, this museum's collection's alone make it a must see for anyone visiting London Ontario.

Tel: +1 519 691 5922

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

London is world renowned for it medical facilities, it is very important to recognize and commemorate all those who have contributed significantly to the world of medicine, this is the heritage that we need to pass on to our coming generations and the Canadian Medical Hall of fame is the preserver of this National heritage.

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame was conceived with the basic idea of remembering and recognizing eminent people in the field of medicine, with this aim in mind the Canadian Medical Hall of fame was established 1994. Here you have details about important personalities, their life history, their discoveries and how they changed and developed medicine.

It's fascinating to be introduced to the field of medicine and it's so nicely explained that even a layman will enjoy, many times you must have come across a particular medicine, therapy or injections, but when you know the details about them it helps you to understand how it was developed, the Canadian Hall of Fame is an educative place, if you are with young children then you must visit this place.

Tel: +1 519 488 2003

Regional Children's Museum.

The Regional Children's museum is a unique concept, the Museum is one of a kind and helps children to appreciate Museums, this is not a boring Museum, it's an interactive Museum where you learn in a fun way, the Regional Children's Museum is situated on Wharncliffe Road that is in the southern part of London.

At this Museum children get chance to explore history in their own way, so you don't have to listen to some monotonous monologue of a guide but you learn it yourself. At the Regional Children's Museum children you can even learn about dinosaurs, children are encouraged to explore, find hidden bones or eggs and many more creative activities, the Regional Children's Museum is a fun way to spend time with your kids.

Tel: +1 519 434 5726

The London Regional Art and Historical Museums.

This is a one stop for all your historical and artistic tastes, the museum has a collection of historical artifacts along with it impressive collection of modern art. You can enjoy a wide variety of art work both old and new, it is interesting to discuss the difference between historical and contemporary art objects.

You can enjoy collection's from itinerant artists in the period 1830 - 1880, and works of renowned artists of the First Renaissance era 1880 - 1895, and a collection of contemporary artists named as a New Beginning from 1895 - till the present date.

This Regional Art Museum is also famous for maintaining the oldest villa in London, Eldon House, this famous house belonged to the Harris family and was built in the year 1834 by Captain John and Amelia Harris, im sure you would find a visit to this house to be a fascinating one as they have impressive furnishings, décor, heirlooms and gardens from that era, this house is a significant cultural heritage.

Tel: +1 519 661 2500

Fanshawe Pioneer Village.

A visit to Fanshawe Pioneer Village will remind you of those days gone by when life was simple and uncomplicated, this village is an attempt to revive and retain those lost sentiments from a 19th Century village as part of a farming or trading community. The Pioneer village is a different world all together, even the guides who escort you through the village are dressed in costumes, helping to make the experience more realistic.

The village has a farm, village school and a wood working shop where they have built models of historical monuments and buildings. The Fanshawe Pioneer Village is also popular for organizing creative and interactive events, these events are both informative and entertaining.

Tel: +1 519 457 1296

Philip Aziz Foundation of Art.

Philip Aziz is a name to reckon with in the world of Art, born in Canada in the year 1923, he has reached the pinnacle of success as a painter, designer of jewellery, architect, sculptor and much more. He is a truly gifted man and has earned international repute, visiting his Art Foundation is a dream come true for any appreciator of art work.

The Philip Aziz Foundation of Art was founded in 1967 as a non profit organization, basically to promote and encourage budding artists, here creative young artists can show case their work, many artists who have been associated with this foundation have also etched their name In the field of Art, a visit to the Philip Aziz Foundation of Art is surely a once in a lifetime experience.

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Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

Museums in London Ontario

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